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Curtis and I are starting up again after out summer break. We’ve kept playing NES games and we’ve started a new video gaming project. Stay tuned for us getting back on track….for real.


We’re still alive.

Hello friends,

It seems that exam season has taken over, but do not fret! It is so near completion.  We are most definitely still playing games, so stay tuned.  While you wait, and we deal with real life, check out this hilariously appropriate video from SMBC Theater.

Game 7 – Duck Hunt

Duck HuntWhen someone recalls playing NES as a kid, this has a good chance of coming to mind. Duck Hunt came to be known as the flagship title for the NES Zapper Light Gun. Although released individually upon its initial release in 1984(Japan), the game was packaged with Super Mario Bros and included with the purchase of the NES in North America.  With three modes of essentially the same thing over and over, there wasn’t much to do. Point, shoot, reset. Sorry, you can only shoot the dog in the Arcade version, Vs. Duck Hunt.
Shoot the DuckCurtis Says:
If you haven’t played Duck Hunt, you are young, and should keep reading this blog. Duck Hunt is a true classic. I also never said anything about classics having to be any good. Sure, Duck Hunt has its charm of repetitive shooting (a genre still moving consoles to this day), but it does get boring fast.  The option for two ducks only slightly increases the level of frustration, and if you want a slight challenge you can do Clay shooting.  The game also lacks any sense of reward, and resets at level 99. All you get is that charming dog laughing and – why can’t I kill it? Please? There is an option for multiplayer, where if a standard controller is plugged in to port 2, the second player can control the duck in single mode. Either way, this game launched the Zapper, making it one of the few somewhat-successful peripherals amongst the NES’ lineup of hilariously useless objects. Sorry, R.O.B.
Clay DucksNathan Says:
Maybe I shouldn’t be a police officer. It turns out that I miss my target unless I cheat and make sure that it’s right in front of me. I’ll pretend that it’s not me and it’s the light gun. At any rate, sucking at this game made it more interesting for awhile, because I had to improve my shooting skills to succeed. Regardless, with just three modes of play, this game will remain as an amusing diversion, if only for a short while.
Did Curtis give out a half a point? What the hell kind of rating system is this, anyways?
Curtis Edit: I do what I want.

Duck Hunt / Super Mario Bros

Included Combo Pack

Shoot that Dog

Shoot it.

Level 100! Oh Shi-

Level 100 Error!

Game 6 – Baseball

Baseball 1983This baseball game is so classic, it’s only called Baseball. Created in 1983 for the Nintendo Family Computer (That’s what the Famicom is), Baseball functioned much like a real game of the sport and featured six teams to choose from.  Players could control their pitch and what base to throw to as defence, and swing for the fences or steal bases as the offence. This title has been released on several more systems beyond the NES, including the Wii Virtual Console, 3DS, and as one of the release titles for the original Gameboy.
Baseball 1983 GameplayCurtis Says:
(I get to go first because I like baseball)
What, no Toronto Blue Jays? What kind of game is this? Actually, the teams that you could choose from are based off the six teams of the Japanese Central League, and the American version just changed the team names to fit the uniform colours. The graphics might be a little quaint, but the controls make this a solid and technical game for its time. Nowadays you could watch someone playing MLB 2012 and mistake it for a real game, until you see Roy Halladay inexplicably still playing for the Jays. And again the multiplayer prevails as the only true entertainment this game has to offer. I quite enjoyed messing with Nathan’s head when it came to the awkward and irregular control of each pitch; hiding the controller so that they would be completely unreadable.
Baseball Title ScreenNathan Says:

As a pitcher, you have the options to control the speed of the pitch and whether you aim at the bases. However, when batting against the A.I., the computer makes little use of these options and is very easy to bat against. And there is no difficulty curve, each of the six teams are exactly the same. As long as you can bat reasonably competently, it should be no problem. It is better in two player mode because (presumably) your fellow companion will pitch better, but overall it was meh for me.

Game 5 – 10 Yard Fight

Described as the first slightly realistic American football video game ever developed and released, 10 Yard Fight was originally made for the Arcade in 1983.  It was reviewd as “downright advanced” for its time and brought football games out of the Atari era.  The NES release introduced simultaneous multiplayer games and control over the defence in single-player.  Madden wouldn’t have nearly as much money if it weren’t for this one kicking it off.  See what I did there?
No ass pats in this game.Nathan Says:
This game was fairly unpleasant to play. I don’t particularly care how revolutionary it was playing as defense, playing this game requires very little skill. If you happen to possess the ball, your speed automatically gets cut if half, and you become as maneuverable as my kidney stones. You can’t even get any penalties. Also, if you do play multiplayer, make sure that you play as player 2. Due to a game defect, that team will possess more skill.
2/10 and never again.
Don't be fooled -- there is no fighting in this gameCurtis Says:
Football definitely isn’t my favourite sport. Ten minutes left on the clock? Don’t worry, that will only take another hour and a half to play. Talk about action. Fortunately in 10 Yard Fight, the clock runs at break-neck speed in a race for a first down.  Once again, the multiplayer is the only real redeaming quality of this one-screen game.  Mainly because it’s hilarious to frustrate your friend until they want to throw the controller at you in rage. Good thing this isn’t on the Wii, and we sit further than the reach of a controller cord.  The passing is fairly intuitive, but interceptions are so easy and frequent that you could get beaten in to the groud by a high school caliber team because of them.  Overall pretty average, yet very historical.

Game 4 – Clu Clu Land

There's gold in them hills.
In the magical land of Clu Clu Land, you get to be Bubbles the bubble fish with claws and poisonous spit or something. There are these Sea Urchins that buried their gold so that greedy jerks like Bubbles wouldn’t dig it up and steal it. However, Bubbles is intent on stealing all of the gold from these poor innocent aquatic lifeforms.
Smiling faces mean the game will be easy....right?Nathan Says:
Clu Clu Land is pretty challenging. Mostly because I’m an idiot and keep pushing the up and down arrows that don’t do anything and then fall in a black hole. Not only am I an idiot who wastes his lives at almost every turn, if you manage to survive long enough you have to unearth the gold twice. If you live even longer, you have to unearth each gold thing only once, or Bubbles fat ass buries them back under the sand the second time you run over them. However, even though this game is so challenging, it was still quite well made and enjoyable. The different levels and challenges kept it fresh.
If only pushing up or down ever did anything.Curtis says:
It seems that my mind can’t quite handle anything backwards.  When you are heading down, and you want to go right, what direction would you instinctually press? Ya, I died a lot.  The multiplayer had so much going on that my simple, easily distracted mind always threw me in the wrong direction.  It’s a challenge, and quite entertaining at times, but not quite a standard. I can’t see myself getting addicted to this strange puzzler any time soon.

Game 3 – Ice Climber

No actual animals get obliterated with an ice pick in this game
In this infamous NES title from 1985, you play as Popo the eskimo. Using your wooden hammer you carve into the ice and critters and make your bloody way to the top of each mountain for no apparent reason.
Instead of using your pick to grab on to something -- smash stuff!Curtis Says:
You know that time when you booted up Super Smash Bros and your friend picked Ice Climbers? Ya, I laughed at them too, until they smashed my head in with a mallet. Why do they have mallets? Either way, this is a classic platformer of epic difficulty on its later stages (32 mountains). Jump, break things, smash bad guys, get fruit; a standard formula. The multiplayer is kind of like assisted-suicide at times, but still entertaining.
Sweet Pteradactyl Bonus StagesNathan Says:
Ice Climbers is a relatively simple game. You jump. You smash. The greatest challenge in co-op mode is not leaving the other player behind to die (heartless eskimo children!). I’m not sure why the pteradactyl has all of those eggplants, but I’m sure he has his reasons. I’m not really sure why it became so popular really. I’d say it’s my sixth favourite of the original 18 games, but I didn’t really enjoy it. Repetitive and mediocre to me. Maybe I feel this way because I was expecting ice climbing and not sometimes slippery platform jumping. 4/10